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 TSE3 documentation

The TSE3 library comes with full documentation. There are a number of documents giving an overview of the library usage in the doc directory of the source package - you can view copies of these from the link below. Additionally, there is detailed API documentation.

For a quick overview, read the product whitepaper.

The TSE3 source code is documented with javadoc style comments. This allows literate programming tools to generate documentation for the library with very little user effort.

An online version of the documentation generated by such a tool is available for browsing on this site. There are a number of javadoc-style documentation generators, you may wish to use a different one in preference.

To view the online documentation click on the link below.

 View TSE3 documentation

Click on the following link to view the documentation that is contained in the TSE3 doc directory.

View documentation

 View TSE3 API documentation

The TSE3 library documentation is generated by the KDOC or the Doxygen tool. The format of each tool's output is different; you may prefer one to the other. The information contained in each documentation set should be identical.

The documentation is available on-line in both formats using the links below.

Doxygen format

KDOC format

    Click on the link below for the online version of the TSE3 API reference documentation. The documentation comes in two forms, the first version is a comprehnsive description of every class in the TSE3 library. There are quite a few. The second version provides documentation for each namespace separately.

    View comprehensive API documentation

    This API documentation is split into the following sections:

 MIDI documentation

The TSE3 library is (naturally) based heavily on the MIDI protocol. In order to understand the library fully it is necessary to have a working knowledge of the MIDI protocol.

Documentation on the MIDI standard can be obtained from the MIDI manufacturers association (www.midi.org), but for a price. It is possible to get details on the specification from around the net if you know where you're looking.

However, for your viewing pleasure I have collated an amount of material that I have found useful over the years, and present it here in postscript form. Click on the following link to download it. If you find it useful, let me know - it's always nice to know when someone enjoys your work.

Download postscript MIDI documentation

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