TSE3 Sequencer Engine

P r o d u c t   w h i t e p a p e r

TSE3 is a next generation sequencer core. Based on proven technology and implemented in a modern standard C++ library, TSE3 provides base MIDI sequencing functionality for a range of applications.

Key features

  • Powerful linear sequencer
  • Cross platform architecture
  • Strong application integration
  • Simple and coherent C++ API
  • Stable code base

Example applications

  • MIDI playback utility
  • Embedded web-based MIDI player
  • Full featured sequencer application



Version 0.3.0
Language C++
  • Linux, and other Unixes
  • Acorn RISC OS
  • Win32 under development
  • Facilities The following is a non-exclusive list
    • Songs editable whilst playing
    • Command classes
      (full undo/redo capabilities)
    • Cakewalk intrument file support
      (selects voices etc by name)
    • Standard MIDI file import/export
      (type 0 and type 1)
    • Thread-aware
    • GM/XG/GS support
    • Powerful sequencer features such as syncro start, punch-in recording, real time effects
    • Command-line playback/file conversion tool
    Documentation Full API documentation plus overview documents and example code
  • High level C++ API, with additional APIs for extensive application support
  • Low level MIDI hardware access APIs for easy porting to new platforms
  • Licence GPL for non commercial use
    Contact Trax Software for commercial use
    Metrics 49000 Lines of code
    177 Classes
    Typically 1.3M shared library