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Catch up with latest TSE3 developments here.

 25 May 2005: 0.3.0 release
It's been a while since I posted TSE3 updates - sorry! This version builds with the latest gcc and includes a number of bugzixes.

 7 March 2003: 0.2.7 release
Up to date snapshot of TSE3, with improved tse3play and more example code.

 30 October 2002: 0.2.6 release
tse3 improvements and doxygen documentation.

 22 August 2002: 0.2.5 release
Compiles under latest gcc (3.2).

 28 July 2002: 0.2.4 release
Some API extensions (completely backward compatible).

Please note: The author's email address has changed.

 20 May 2002: 0.2.3 release
More small updates:

  • tse3play has a --list-ports option
  • MIDI ports example program added
  • More reliable playback of Parts
  • More bugfixes
  • Compiles with gcc 3.0.x

 11 May 2002: 0.2.2 release
Essential build fixes for some platforms.

 8 May 2002: 0.2.1 release

  • Alsa 0.9 fixes
  • Fixed build issues
  • More documentation for command classes

 29 May 2002: 0.2.0 release
This is a landmark release, finally seeing a greatly improved MidiScheduler framework - essentially this makes TSE3 neater and nicer to use.Also

  • New "magic" port/channel numbers for "all ports" "no port" etc.
  • Improved (and fixed) MidiEcho.
  • More command classes and utilities.
  • Panic objects now have a port value.

 2 April 2002: 0.1.3 release
This release sees support for Alsa 0.9.x along with some other stability modifications.

 28 November 2001: 0.1.2 release
Finally another TSE3 release! The 0.1.2 release includes

  • MidiEvent bug fixing
  • Improved instrument file support
  • More example code and documentation
  • Imporved MidiFileExport API
  • Introduction of XML file writing
    (This is a prerelease, the files cannot be read yet)

 24 July 2001: 0.1.1 release
The 0.1.1 release includes full support for building with the gcc 3.0 compiler.

 11 July 2001: 0.1.0 beta release
TSE officially moves to beta status! This release includes various bugfixes, more documentation and full Cakewalk instrument file support.

 16 May 2001: 0.0.25 release

  • New MidiScheduler interface to the aRts library (the KDE soundserver).
  • Alsa code compiles cleanly on a lot more platforms.
  • tse3play can now play legacy TSE2 files.

 30 March 2001: 0.0.24 release

  • Sysex handling has been implemented fully.
  • Panic class not does GM/GS/XG MIDI resets.
  • Bugfixes.

 23 March 2001: 0.0.23 release

  • Alsa code greatly improved, with workarounds for Alsa 0.5.x bugs.
  • Tidy up of the OSS interface code.
  • Tracks now have a DisplayParams object.
  • Playback bug fixes.
  • Nicer set of PresetColours.
  • FileRecogniser handles error conditions better.

 6 March 2001: 0.0.22 release
This is the first TSE3 library release to fully support the Alsa 0.5.x audio architecture. Other improvements include:

  • Rearchitecture of Phrase management to prevent a class of user error.
  • Notifier framework enhancements.
  • PhraseEdit bug fixes - recording is now more reliable.
  • Improved documentation

 16 February 2001: 0.0.21 release
Major features include:

  • First ALSA support
  • All listener interfaces in separate headers in "listen" directory.
  • Documentation gets built and installed with the library now
  • TSE3MDL file format modification
  • MIDI file export bug fixed

 24 January 2001: 0.0.20 release
Major features include:

  • New TrackSelection class, an analog of the PartSelection. These two can work together to ensure there is only ever one object selected.
  • PhraseEdit vastly improved for use with GUI Phrase editors. Can now manage the selection of events much more intelligently and maintains a 'modified' status flag.
  • All separate tse3 libraries have been rolled together into one libtse3 library for ease of use.
  • Added buffer flushing to the CommandHistory.
  • Extended Record class that is safer when multiple instances exist.

 16 January 2001: 0.0.19 release
This release sees more choices file support and the Transport class API broadened.

 9 January 2001: 0.0.18 release
This release sees more command classes, greatly improved documentation, more instrument definition support and a number of bugfixes.

 20 November 2000: 0.0.16 release
This is the first public release since 0.0.14. This sees a lot of work involving application support. Many issues have been addressed following application development from TSE3 users.

  • TSE3 now reports the progress of slow operations so an application can display a progress dialogue.
  • DisplayParams now has a range of PresetColours (for things such as intro/verse/bridge etc).
  • Improved Destination class, manages Instrument definitons
  • Improved MidiScheduler interface
  • Util::Modified utility.

 17 October 2000: 0.0.14 release
This is a small delta release that removes some Alsa stuff since at the moment it is not fully operational. There have also been some documentation improvements.

 16 October 2000: 0.0.13 release
The 0.0.13 release of the TSE3 is available for download. Changes since 0.0.12 include:

  • Added multiple-thread support to TSE3 (see tse3/Mutex.h)
  • Beginnings of support for the ALSA library
  • Greatly improved build configurations (select OSS, Alsa, Mutex)
  • Application class now how has a Destination object
  • More Command classes
  • Better docs
  • Bug fixes (copying Parts broken)

 29 September 2000: Feature article
The Linux Music-Station is running a feature article on TSE3 and the Anthem seqeuncer. Go to www.mstation.org.

 25 September 2000: 0.0.12 release
This is intended to be the last release before TSE3 goes 'beta'. Improvements include:

  • A much improved Notifier class. TSE3 callbacks now have different methods for different events, with arbitrary numbers of parameters. This is a great improvement.
  • Work-arounds for gcc bugs which caused errors for some people compiling 0.0.11.
  • OSSMidiScheduler can now have multiple paths specified for patches directories, separated by colons. This allows TSE3 to support Red Hat and SuSE installations straight out of the box.
  • Improved documentation.

 12 September 2000: 0.0.11 release
The 0.0.11 release sees a number of improvements:

  • New CommandGroup command class that can logically group a number of commands for a single undo/redo operation.
  • New Phrase_Merge utility,
  • Improved file organisation and naming.
  • The removal of the RepeatTrack for a simpler to use left/rightrepeat marker system.
  • The Song implementation of the solo track more robust.
  • Removal of all the iterator classes from public API.

 29 August 2000: 0.0.9 release
The 0.0.9 brings better structured API documentation; as well as the comprehensive reference, you can now browse one section per namespace (see the documentation page for details). Also minor improvements to the implementation (see the History file in the source archive).

 16 August 2000: 0.0.8 release
The 0.0.8 release sees a tidy up of some of the API. This means that some TSE3 bits have been renamed, and some files moved. In addition there are some new namespaces, and others have been renamed. In the run up to a stable 1.0 release these issues have been addressed. (The changes should not affect any current users since they are in some of the more advanced parts of the library.)

In addition there is more application support and command class implementation.

 18 July 2000: 0.0.6 release
This is the latest source release of the TSE3 library. It brings a number of feature enhancements, as well as bugfixes and a more reliable OSS platform driver. This includes:

  • Enhanced application support facilities
  • Standardised internationalisable error handling
  • New Part insert actions
  • Improved documentation
  • Plus other API enhancements

 10 June 2000: New release
The latest source update brings a number of improvements.

  • Key signature track
  • GUS soundcard support
  • Much faster MIDI file loading
  • Drastically updated documentation, see here
  • Enhanced tse3play utility
  • Better installation
  • Many bug fixes

Get it from the Download page.

 19 May 2000: Code update
A code update has been released. It contains a number of minor fixes and updated documentation (see API documentation). The update is available from the Download page.

 19 April 2000: First release!
The first alpha release version of the TSE3 library is available for download. Look on the Download page for details. It ships with tse3play, a command line application that uses the library.

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