class Track_Glue

Snip TSE3::Part command. More...

Full nameTSE3::Cmd::Track_Glue
Definition#include <Track.h>
InheritsTSE3::Cmd::Command [public ]
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Command to glue two TSE3::Part objects in a TSE3::Track.

If there is no TSE3::Part at the specified time or it is not directly adjacent to another TSE3::part, then nothing will happen, and no error will be raised. It is suggested that you check that the command is worthwhile before you perform it. You can use the static valid() method to find out whether this command is valid before performing it.

See also: Command

 Track_Glue (TSE3::Track *track, TSE3::Clock glueTime)


Create a Track_Glue command for the given TSE3::Track at the given time.

 ~Track_Glue ()



bool  valid (TSE3::Track *track, TSE3::Clock glueTime)



Returns wether the command for this time is valid.

To be valid, there must be a TSE3::Part at glueTime and it must directly follow another TSE3::Part object with no gap inbetween.

void  executeImpl ()


[protected virtual]

Reimplemented from Command for internal purposes..

void  undoImpl ()


[protected virtual]

Reimplemented from Command for internal purposes..