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Building the TSE3 library

If you haven't yet built the TSE3 library, then this page describes how to do so.

Simple instructions

See the INSTALL file in the root of the source package for detailed instructions on how to install TSE3.

As you'd expect it is a simple case of typing:

        make install

To install or not to install?

You may not want to install TSE3 on your system; it is still possible to use without installing. Once you have done a make you can type

        make tse3-lib-local
to create a lib directory with symlinks to all the built library files. Using this you can easily link other programs to your non-installed TSE3 libraries by specifying the lib directory to the linker.

You may want to see the documentation for your TSE3-aware application for more information on doing so.

You can remove this local directory by typing

        make tse3-lib-local-clean

Advanced options

It is possible to supply extra parameters to the ./configure command to customise how the TSE3 library is built. You can type ./configure --help to get a summary of these options. You will see a lot of standard configure options as well as the TSE3 specific ones.

New users may safely ignore these extra advanced options.

The TSE3 specific options are listed below. They all have an opposite version. The opposite is the default value. --with-mutex is the default so you don't need to specify it, for example.

If your Unix platform does not support either OSS/Alsa then the corresponding MidiScheduler facility will not be built into the TSE3 library.

Building documentation

There is a set of online programmer's reference documents that can be built automatically, using the KDOC program.

See the KDOC page for more information.
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