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TSE3 library API reference

The TSE3 library provides extensive on-line documentation which is extracted by the KDOC or the Doxygen tool. The format of each tool's output is different; you may prefer one to the other. The information contained in each should be identical. Doxygen output may generate inheritance hierarchy diagrams (depending on your particular installation) which you may find more useful.

You must build the TSE3 documentation to access this information.

Building Doxygen documentation

If you have Doxygen installed, you can enter the doc directory, and type make tse3-doxygen.

Building KDOC documentation

You do this by entering the doc directory and typing make tse3-kdoc. This builds the main TSE3 API reference which details every single class in TSE3. You can also build a reference for each namespace individually, type make tse3-kdoc-libs.

The easy way is to do a make tse3-kdoc-all which builds both.

You will need to have a copy of KDOC installed that correctly handles namespaces (2.0a35 or later works).

The comprehensive KDOC API reference provides the following information.

The individual namespace references are:

You can remove all of the documentation using make tse3-kdoc-clean.
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