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This page lists all (known) applications that use the TSE3 library. If you use the library then let us know so we can add you to the list.

A simple console TSE3MDL and MIDI file player. It comes as part of the standard TSE3 distribution, and is used as an advanced test harness for the library API.

It has a number of facilities including:

  • Playback of TSE3MDL files
  • Playback of MIDI files (type 0 and 1)
  • Conversion of both files types
  • Visual 'vu' meter during playback
  • Can interpret a file's contents and produce an english representation
  • Channel remapping
  • Metronome
  • Midi reset functionality

You can download tse3play on the download page.

A Qt and KDE based 'note editor' that allows you to write music using musical score notation.

Find out more from it's homepage at rnvs.informatik.tu-chemnitz.de/~ja/noteedit/noteedit.html.

Anthem Open Source Edition is an advanced KDE-based sequencer application built on top of TSE3. It fully exploits the TSE3 library, yet offers a clear and easy to use interface. You can get the latest release from anthem.sourceforge.net.

RythMaid is a GUI application for generating backing tracks. The program is particularly suited to swing style jazz. Get it from http://rythmaidgui.sourceforge.net/.

Debussy is an under-development sequencer. It's home page is debussy.sourceforge.net.

 SuSE Linux
SuSE Linuxes since version 7.1 ship with the TSE3 library. Find out more about SuSE from www.suse.com.

 Other Linuxes
TSE3 is included with a number of other modern Linux distributions. Check your distributor's web page - TSE3 is probably already supported on your platform.

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