class MidiSchedulerFactory

MidiScheduler class factory. More...

Full nameTSE3::MidiSchedulerFactory
Definition#include <MidiScheduler.h>
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This class will generate an appropriate MidiScheduler for the current platform. It provides a measure of platform indepenance in the generation of MidiSchedulers.

To create a portable and maintainable TSE3 application, do not directly instantiate a particular MidiScheduler, use the MidiSchedulerFactory.

 MidiSchedulerFactory (bool canReturnNull = false)


Creates a MidiSchedulerFactory object.

You can specify whether or not the factory can return a NullMidiScheduler in the case of no appropriate platform MidiScheduler being available.

canReturnNulltrue if the factory can return a NullMidiScheduler in the worst case

 ~MidiSchedulerFactory ()



MidiScheduler * createScheduler ()


Create the most appropriate (for some definition of appropriate given by the version of the MidiSchedulerFactory class) MidiScheduler object.

The MidiScheduler is created with new; it is your responsibility to ensure it is deleted.

Returns: New appropriate MidiScheduler object