class CakewalkInstrumentFile

Cakewalk .ins file parser. More...

Full nameTSE3::Ins::CakewalkInstrumentFile
Definition#include <Instrument.h>
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The class represents a Cakewalk .ins file.

It provides a mechanism for listing all instruments provided by a particular .ins file, and for creating an Instrument object from it.

The .ins file format is not documented. However, the documentation that ships with the TSE3 library contains a description of this format.

See also: Instrument

 CakewalkInstrumentFile (const std::string &filename)


Create an object for the given file.

filenameThe name of the Cakewalk .ins file

const std::listinstruments (TSE3::Progress *progress = 0)


Returns a set of the instrument titles in the .ins file.

The first time you call this method, the file will be searched. Whilst this is being done you can be informted of progress via the TSE3::Progress interface.

progressTSE3::Progess callback, or zero for no callback

Returns: List of instrument titles in the .ins file

Instrument * instrument (const std::string &title, TSE3::Progress *progress = 0)


Factory method that creates an Instrument object for the given instrument title from this CakewalkInstrumentFile.

You can supply a TSE3::Progess interface to be informed of progress.

titleThe title of the instrument to create
progressTSE3::Progess callback, or zero for no callback

Returns: New instrument object - you must delete this object