class Error

TSE3 exception base class. More...

Full nameTSE3::Error
Definition#include <Error.h>
Inheritsstd::exception (unknown) [public ]
Inherited byMidiFileExportError, MidiFileImportError, MidiSchedulerError, PartError, PhraseListError, SerializableError, SongError, TrackError
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This is the base class of all TSE3 errors.

The Error class provides a reason code for each type of error that can be raised, although subclasses are also used to distinguish the type of the error. Each subclass may have more than one reason code associated with it. The reason codes are provided by the ErrorCodes enum type.

The rationale for the reason codes, rather than use of pure subclassing to denote error type, is to allow the application to provide internationalised error messages for the user. It is easier to lookup a string via an integer reason code than convert a class type to some error string. (See ErrorCode and errString() for more information on this.)

 Error (ErrorCode reason)


Creates an Error object with the specified reason code.

reasonReason code for this Error

 ~Error ()
throw ()


ErrorCode  reason ()



Returns the ErrorCode for this Error object.

Use errString to get a string representation of this error.

const char * what ()


[const virtual]

See also: errString