class ChoiceHandler

Choice save/load base class. More...

Full nameTSE3::App::ChoiceHandler
Definition#include <Choices.h>
InheritsTSE3::Serializable [public ]
Inherited byApplicationChoiceHandler, ChoicesChoiceHandler, DestinationChoiceHandler, MetronomeChoiceHandler, MidiMapperChoiceHandler, PanicChoiceHandler, TransportChoiceHandler
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ChoiceHandlers are used by the ChoicesManger object. You access the choices save/load mechanism through that object.

This is a base class for objects that can save a particular block of choices. ChoiceHandlers are registered with the ChoicesManager which delegates responsibility for saving/loading to each ChoiceHandler.

ChoiceHandlers implement the Serializable interface as the mechansim with which to perform saving, however they differ from the normal TSE3::Song hierarchy save method since the object whose state is being saved is not the TSE3::Serializable object - it is a ChoiceHandler based on it that does the saving.

A number of stock implementations of ChoiceHandler are provided to save the common TSE3 objects that are not directly related to a Song. However, an application will want to add many more ChoiceHandlers to save it's internal settings (e.g. window positions, feature statuses end so on).

See also: ChoicesManager

 ChoiceHandler (const std::string &choicename)


Create a ChoiceHandler with the given name.

 ~ChoiceHandler ()



const std::string & name ()



Returns the name of this ChoiceHandler. This is a unique text string that will identify a block of data in the choices file as having been saved by this ChoiceHandler.

std::string _name