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If you have any comments, questions or contributions to TSE3 please contact me at pete@cthree.org. Feedback is always welcomed.

Bug reports

If you are submitting a bug report then please provide as much information as possible. Including the form below would be very useful.

It would also be useful if you could include the output of running tse3play --verbose.


    TSE3 bug report form

    Name:                              [e.g. Pete Goodliffe]
    Date:                              [e.g. 2000-08-21]
    Email:                             [e.g. pete@cthree.org]
    Your experience:                   [e.g. experienced programmer in C/C++
                                             experienced unix user
                                             unix user
                                             new unix user]

    TSE3 version number:               [e.g. 0.0.7]
    OS name:                           [e.g. gnu linux]
    OS distribution:                   [e.g. Redhat]
    Run "uname -a":                    [e.g. Linux solomon 2.2.12-20 #1 ...]
    Do you use OSS or ALSA:            [e.g. Alsa 0.5.1]
    Compiler name and version:         [e.g. gcc 2.95.2]

    Description of bug:
    [e.g. When I run tse3play my computer explodes]

    How to (repeatably) reproduce the bug:

    [e.g. Perform a clean build and install, then type tse3play. The
    computer explodes.]

    Any other comments:

    [e.g. You owe me a new computer ;-) ]

    Please attach the output of "tse3play --verbose" below:

    [ tse3play --verbose output ]


    Please attach the output of "cat /dev/sndstat" and "cat /proc/asound/devices" below:

    [ output ]


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